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Why You Should Choose Unfair.co.nz


we are simply better than the rest

Because we care about more than the money

Our job is to help people with employment disputes. Whether an employee or employer, our goal is to ensure fairness at all times. When something is unfair, come to Unfair.co.nz and we'll help put it right.

Unfair.co.nz helps you by ensuring you don't spend money for nothing.

Hiring a lawyer to take an employment case can cost up to $5000 to get as far as Mediation, when the vast majority of cases settle for less than that.

With Unfair.co.nz, you pay nothing until the case is settled. We take cases all the way to ERA Tribunal when needed, but you will only pay us a percentage of your award. If you lose, you've spent nothing at all.

Read our full terms and conditions here.

We have the best strike rate; we have the best advocates; we're scrupulously honest, and we openly and proudly display the highest level of ethics in the industry.


We do actually care:

This is real:

We don't like to make a big fuss about this, but...

If an agreement can't be reached, or if an employer refuses to attend mediation, an application must be made to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) of the Ministry of Business (MBIE)

The cost is $71-56.

Given that when people are fired unreasonably, they generally don't have any spare money, even finding a paltry seventy bucks is beyond many people.

In those cases, we pay, and here's the proof:

We put our money where our mouth is. Find a lawyer who will do that for you.



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