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The ERA can only deal with employment matters

If you have a dispute with a commercial entity or are a contractor with a dispute, your best chance - and by far the cheapest - is the Disputes Tribunal

Note the limit on claims of $15,000

Visit their site.


personal safety:


If unsafe practices are being carried out and you think you or someone else may be in danger, call Worksafe immediately.

0800 030 040

Victim Support:

TIf you are a victim of sexual harassment, bullying or even violence, you may benefit from Victim Support's free services.

0800 842 846


If you've had an accident of any kind, you may well need ACC.

0800 101 966


24-hour medical assistance for non-emergency medical matters. If it's an emergency, dial 111 right now, otherwise, call Healthline free on:

0800 611 116



Human Rights Commission:

If you have been the victim of any race/gender or other type of discrimination, the HRC will want to know.

They won't help you with employment case, but while we do that, talk to the Commission to make sure it stops before the next person has the same problem.

It is illegal under NZ law to discriminate against people based on their personal beliefs, gender, race or religion.

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