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Are your HR procedures and contracts robust?

You may benefit from having one of our advocates conduct a Warrant of Fitness on your HR policies and contracts. A quote for costs will be provided, but we guarantee it will be a lot less than the average ERA Tribunal award of $5000.

A little prevention goes a long way in employment and our advocates can help, with training and advice on disciplinary matters through to immediate termination.

Are you being hit with a grievance claim?

We will give you honest and independent advice on how to proceed.

Sometimes, claims are frivolous and having a national advocate involved will make these claims disappear without any effort and minimal cost.

Our goal is to remove the dispute, so if an employer is in the wrong, we will assist negotiate a settlement and mitigate losses. If you have screwed up, as people do, the last thing you need is to add to it by spending thousands on a lawyer defending a valid claim. Cut your losses and minimise harm - call unfair.co.nz.

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