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What unfair.co.nz does for you:

Do you have a problem?

Employment disputes are what drives us.

We support and assist people who have been fired unfairly, or whose employer is not being reasonable and acting in good faith.

This process starts with lodgement of a personal grievance claim where the allegations are laid out for the employer to state their case.

If a settlement cannot be negotiated, the next step is always Mediation. This is a process where the employee and employer are brought together under a Mediator from the MBIE. It is semi-formal and is designed to foster an agreement. The Mediator cannot decide the case, but will make recommendations.

What if mediation doesn't work?

That's when the case will be forwarded to the MBIE for investigation and decision. This can be a long process, with a probable 9-month time frame to get the case finalised from the start date, so be aware that these things can take considerable time.

What does it cost?

Aside from cases where no financial compensation is payable, we work on no win, no fee, so you only ever pay a portion of the compensation - you are not paying money up front as you would with a lawyer, and if you lose the case, it costs you nothing.

Fees are:

For cases that are resolved up to and including mediation, unfair.co.nz will charge a fee as follows:

For amounts of $1000 or less, a fee of $250 shall be payable. For amounts from $1001 - $10,000, a fee of 25% (plus GST) of the award shall be payable.

Should the amount exceed $10,001, 10% of the amount (plus GST) between $10,001 and $50,000 shall be charged on that portion. Any portion of a settlement of $50,001 and above attract no additional fees.

We believe these fees fairly reflect the efforts of our team of professional advocates.

In cases where no compensation is payable, such as attending meetings which do not result in a grievance case, or for reinstatement, an hourly rate will apply. Such charges will be agreed prior to any charges being accrued.

Talking to us is always free and free of any obligation to continue.

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