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Covid has impacted many employees around the country, and many of them have had employment terminated through foul means.

We will give you a free appraisal on whether your termination was reasonable and legal.

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It's all about the evidence.

If you have an issue, it's really important to keep as much evidence as you can, because employment law works slightly different to criminal law. Employment law doesn't require "beyond reasonable doubt", but instead works on the balance of probabilities, so evidence is crucial to ensure your side is the one with the most of that balance.

Feel free to call us to discuss how to make sure you stay on top of the situation.

The Minister in charge of MBIE, and therefore the ERA, is looking to make changes to the industry, driven in large part by unscrupulous operators in the advocacy space - some of whom we've highlighted in the past.

Unfair.co.nz fully supports professionalisation of the industry, much as Immigration Consultants became forced to gain or hold relevant qualifications and/or experience.

More to come on this.

Something happened the other day that I'd never seen anyone try before.

A company read the legislation and had figured trial periods like this: "If we hire a temp, through an agency, they aren't employed by us, so if we like them, we can then offer them a trial period when we employ them ourselves!"

Geniuses, no doubt.

Except the idea is complete nonsense.

If you complete an unpaid trial your employer is unable to use a trial period, and it's absolutely impossible to have someone temping in a job and then claim that employment doesn't count.

If you've been disadvantaged by this kind of stupidity by an employer, call me now and I'll take them to the cleaners. [too!]

Were you aware that a significant majority of cases are solved long before mediation?

We are experts at negotiating with employers and their lawyers and that's often enough to get things done, so don't necessarily think the process will take months. It is estimated that some 10% of cases we handle are solved within the first week of making a claim - even occasionally on the very same day the claim is lodged.

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